About Niu Pot

Niu Pot is a creative hot pot restaurant. Our goal is to provide extraordinary dinner experiences to our customers. Winter melon, water melon and lobster bisque are our signature broth. Cooking hotpot inside a melon is not only fun but also make the food tastes so wonderfully good and healthy. Our creativeness do not stop and strive to provide exciting dinning experience to our customers.

“Niu Pot is the best hotpot

I tried in Flushing area.”

About Us

Our gaol is to bring a new dinning experience to Flushing. Our friendly and attentive staff welcome you and your group to enjoy a long and casual meal with plenty of hot pot options. Many customers also just come to us for our BBQ, oysters, and happy hour specials.

All of our BBQ are freshly grilled at the center open kitchen. Eating and looking at the chef's performance is really an enjoyable experience. Wine and special draft beer are available too.  

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